‘Not now…,’ Seema made an excuse as she tried to avoid Raja’s advances. It was late evening, and her husband was in a very romantic mood. But Seema had other things in her mind. The Laundry! There was a whole bucket-full of it, in the bathroom, and she had to finish up the pile of work before she could even think of sleeping, much less indulge in any romance. After running around the whole day behind Buntoo, their four-year-old, this was the only time she got to complete her work peacefully. And if she failed to do that, there’d certainly be no peace the next morning. Her husband’s office clothes were in that heap!
Before, Raja could hold her in an embrace; she muttered some excuse and hurriedly slipped out into the bathroom.

‘You never have time for me,’ Raja grumbled, before turning on the television and started flickering through the channels disinterestedly. One particular advertisement however, caught his eye, and Raja watched keenly. It was an Ariel ad. Raja raised the volume and watched it closely. He felt a bit embarrassed at the contents of the ad, as it hit a raw nerve. He reminiscenced, how, he never really had thought of things that way. Ever since childhood, like in the ad, his sisters too were the ones doing all the household work, and were brought up that way. He saw nothing wrong in it though. After all, that was the way the society was. After marriage too, his wife took over and started doing the chores. Only, she was so immersed in the work that she hardly had any time for him. More so, after Buntoo came into their lives.
It was his fault, Raja contemplated, after getting the gist of the whole ad. But, how easily, he could change things too. It was all in his hands. He wished, he had thought of things that way since earlier i.e #ShareTheLoad! But, it wasn’t that late either. Things could change overnight too, if he so wished. Raja made up his mind. He switched off the television and got up from the bed. He went to the bathroom where his wife was toiling with the heap.

‘Here, give me those,’ Raja said, taking a bundle of clothes from his wife’s hands. ‘You take some rest. I’ll do these.’ With that, Raja got doing the laundry. In his mind, he thought, never to teach the same things that he was taught in his own childhood – that, household chores or doing laundry was only a woman’s job. He’d teach Buntoo too, to #ShareTheLoad as he grows up, he decided. Because, what is taught in childhood is indeed what makes the society later.

Back in the bedroom, Seema was amazed at Raja’s sudden change of behavior. While he continued finishing with the laundry, Seema got ready to give him the most romantic surprise he'd ever receive. Sharing the Load made way for romance...
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