‘I’m getting married this Valentines, ND! Can you imagine that? I am so thrilled,’ that was my friend Rachna. She had this animated expression in her eyes that made them twinkle. She was very happy. Well, who wouldn’t be? It was every girl’s dream – to be proposed by their beloved. And, to have a wedding on Valentine’s Day; was like an icing on the cake. I was so happy for my friend, but…

‘You have to come, ND, you know,’ Rachna was holding me by my arms, and shaking me gently out of my thoughts. She looked expectantly at me, for an answer. ‘ND?’
‘Of course, Rachna,’ I spoke, trying to put her mind at rest. ‘I’ll definitely come.’ She was my best friend after all.

The loud siren went off indicating lunch-time was over. We huddled back to our office cabins. My mind though was still lost, in that afternoon time spent with Rachna. I had barely touched my lunch as I watched my friend, the whole time, gushing in happiness. I felt happy for her, yet, there was a cloud of sadness in my mind. It only grew more darker and dense, when I remembered my own relationship status. Inspite of hoping against hope, Tanmay never brought up the topic of dating even, much less talk about marriage – if he ever talked, that is.

Tanmay, I thought, my roly-poly but ever-so-cute Tanmay. How I wished, he acknowledged my feelings for him. How happy we’d both have been. Ah..but not everyone was lucky like Rachna, were they? Poor me! I’d have to live this love-less life of mine forever. With Tanmay barely noticing me, I had simply no hope.


By the time it was evening, I dragged myself home. After a long day at office, the only one thing set my mood up was ~ Tanmay! Another cloud of darkness started enveloping my mind, but I shrugged it away. Today, it’ll be different with Tanmay, I decided. I’ll make the move if necessary, but there had to be an ‘us’. And Tanmay would be waiting. I sped up, rest of the way.

And yes, as usual, Tanmay was waiting. As soon as I opened the front door, I saw him waiting by the wall. I flickered on the light-switch and went closer. Damn, he looked so hot and sexy. I could barely resist myself. Oh Tanmay, say yes to me baby, say yes….I thought, and hurriedly lighted a few scented candles. This had to be special. As the room glowed in the candle light, I looked at him again. He took my breath away. Today, I’ll be engaged to him, come what may. So what if he was only a poster in the walls of my house, he was my one and only love. So, what if he was unattainable, being a huge comedy-star on YouTube; he was my hero who lived in my heart. And nothing on earth could stop me from being his.

I’ll be engaged to him from today onwards, and on our Valentine’s Day, it shall be our wedding too. It can happen. Nothing was impossible in this world. With that thought, I opened my laptop. I knew just what I needed. The engagement rings! Caratlane – I remembered. They were offering beautiful rings this Valentines. I could pick those for Tanmay and myself, I thought. Soon, I was laughing away merrily as I ordered my pieces, all my gloom gone! Jewelry did that to girls, didn't it ;-) It was easy and all done in a jiffy. This romantic season, the online e-commerce site that sold beautiful and exquisite jewelry, were offering such amazing pieces & offers too, that I couldn't resist myself, and ordered a few more.

Caratlane, made it possible to change my dull and dark moments, into love and laughter filled ones. Imagine, if they could spread happiness in me, how much happiness they could - to the real couples out there! Go out there and pamper yourselves with Caratlane, and make your lives more romantic! And yes, do wish both Tanmay and myself a very Happy Valentines Day too :-)
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