The house looked lifeless from outside, Moni observed. It was in her neighbourhood. She often passed it while going to her office, although, the road was not a busy one. Aunt Freddie used to live there once, and it used to be alive with activity especially when her extended family came visiting. After she passed away, nobody visited anymore. It was abandoned.

‘There she is staring at the house again,’ a woman looked out of the window. ‘How I wished she came in, atleast once. It’s been years since I spoke to any human.’ Aunt Freddie looked hopefully, wishing she was alive.

This 100 word post is for friday fictioneers ( Image Copyright – © ceayr )
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  1. Anonymous03:52

    Haha, I like the twist at the end. Very nice take on the prompt. ;-)

  2. Lovely, wistful mood, from both perspectives. Nice ending.


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