It was almost night; and, he held her tight.
In his grasp, she couldn’t breathe right.
She looked out of the windows, was there any escape?
About to board the plane, future seemed devoid of hope!

Her heart beat for someone else, not this monster,
She wanted to be set free; only, she was held tighter.
She struggled; silently, she fought,
Eager as she was, to run to her lover’s arms.

Unless there was a frenzy, or a ruckus,
Trapped she’d be soon, inside that aircraft.
Blinking her eyes, in a state of surrender,
She held out the potion poisoned;
that, he did guzzle, to her surprise.

His hold, slackened; she couldn’t believe her luck,
Without wasting a moment, she broke free and ran!

This post is for friday fictioneers and magpie tales 300 ( Image Copyright – © Melanie Greenwood )
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Copyright 2016 © Nandini Deka

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  1. step by step, the troy unfolds,
    well done.

  2. Ah! glad she ran away !

  3. She sound emotionally imprisoned and choking for release. Run girl, run, never mind the puddles.

  4. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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