The squeaky metallic-sound, followed soon after by the gleeful-shrills of children, woke Nona up. It was past-midnight. Who would be playing at this odd-time now? More noises came in, as though she were in the middle of an amusement park. Only it was her home, and the scant civilization around, were in deep-sleep.

Nona got up from the bed and walked towards the windows. It was dark outside. And then, it came again, the noises! Every night the same noises kept her awake. If only she listened to other's advice - not to buy the house built on that fatal accident-site.

This 100 word post is for friday fictioneers and magpie tales 298 ( Image Copyright – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields )
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  1. Anonymous00:00

    Oh, a haunted house! How long can she last in it?



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