Wander she did. Astonished she was. Complete she felt.

She wandered for miles aimless. She had no hopes for the future. Love eluded her yet again. She wanted to move on. Packing her bags, she set forth; on a new journey. A new beginning; which she wanted to live on her own terms and only for her. No one else mattered, none she cared for not even her beloved kitty. She left those feelings far behind; buried deep, she wanted to forget.

And then, she met him. He taught her love again. She resisted, but her heart pleaded just one chance. And, the heart proved right.

This 100 word post is for friday fictioneers and magpie tales 299 ( Image Copyright – © Scott L. Vannatter )
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  1. Such a fascinating concept: He taught her love again. We have so many kinds of teachers, but he might be the best sort! I enjoyed this.
    Mine's here:

  2. Ah, the beautiful love does. I guess that is why many say 'love' is. noun, a verb, adverb. It can do so many things.

  3. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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