You may be wondering after reading the title ~ eh, what? But that's exactly what happened to me today ( in the afternoon time ); and I nearly had another heart-attack ( yes, I had 3 uptil now; its true, but its another story :o ).

I'm travelling rather heavily the past few months, before I go to my home-state in December. I've been trying to cover my long pending 'spook-travel' wish-list, and now my phone is literally jam-packed with thousands of pictures. In between, from time to time, I try to shift the pictures to my lappy, to better organize them. So, today, I did just that; and after long, browsed net too from my lappy ( after tethering it with my phone ). After the transfer done, I suddenly shut my lappy, with my USB cable still hanging on to my phone. Then, I abruptly turned my phone off too. After few minutes, just as abruptly, I turned back my phone on. But a big surprise awaited, a horrible one at that! My phone just refused to switch on. Imagine my panic! I pressed, pressed and pressed the power button. Nothing happened. My phone was all dead. I wondered if I should've removed the USB cable first, before turning off both my devices. Well...I imagined all kinds of stuff, that must've led to my phone's untimely demise.

I tried to charge it ( although it was already fully charged ), in hopes of reviving it, but to no avail. It just wouldn't start. Oh my God! What do I do now...I wondered, frantically. Tonnes of stuff are inside my phone, plus, its my only source of net-connection these days. Haaaaalp meee.....I cried! Haaaalp!!!!! But no one came forward to help me. I was all alone, with my dead phone for company. Should I take it to a service center to get it repaired, or throw it away for good? I was nearly in tears by then. My phone's battery was not user-removable, so I could not manually remove it and restart my phone, as I can with detachable batteries of other phones ~ where simply removing it for sometime does the trick. Oh...I was so stuck, and didn't quite know what on earth to do!

As a last ditch attempt, I pressed the 'power-button' furiously again, and this time held it for long. With long gaps, I counted the seconds ~ 1...2...3..4................15; and, lo and behold, it turned on suddenly, miraculously. It was so freakingly unbelievable ( I had almost given up on it, remember ). Relieved at last, I let out a loud yelp of joy. I immediately got the 'trick' on how to do it. Sometimes, android phones may just shut off/freeze/hang and refuse to turn on. But pressing it i.e the power-button on for quite some time ( 15-20+ secs), it can be brought back to life. Amazing isn't it? Try it if you experience the same issue, and let me know if this article helped :-)

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