In ragged clothes, with the scorching heat threatening to burn her alive almost; her appearance, along with that of the surroundings, was unsightly.

There was no one, except her, in that ghost-town.
Everyone had died of heat-stroke, and those that survived, left. That made only her, its sole resident.

Yet, everyday, she dragged her feet along each pavement; every corner of the town that once thrived with life.

Many pleaded her to move away from the town that was no longer productive. She didn’t heed. Cos’ everyday, she still waits for life to thrive back in - be the place it once was.

This 100 word post is for friday fictioneers ( Image Copyright – © Connie Gayer …(Mrs. Russell) )
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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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  1. This is very intriguing!

  2. Sadly it needs more that one to bring a place back to life. Intriguing piece as so many small towns have died this way.

  3. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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