‘You are a habitual show-off. You can’t go there, it’s dangerous. Not the height, but the creepy-crawlies that are out there, so illustrious in their community; they won’t spare you.’ Tina said, in a sarcasm-filled voice.

‘Then you don’t know me yet,’ Matt replied, looking at the small hillock. She was right, that place was infested with it, but he was no coward. He loved challenges. However, his mind was jumbled with worries. What if…

‘Come on, give up!’ Tina was worried.
As Matt went, Tina closed her eyes. But, when he came back unscathed, she realized, his bravery wasn’t a show-off.

This 100 word post is for friday fictioneers ( Image Copyright – © Sandra Crook )
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  1. I always think these daredevils are silly but that's just me.great story


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