When I was young, my mother used to run around after me with a glass of water. She'd keep insisting me to drink it, at every few intervals. And I'd be like, 'Mom, I'm not thirsty yaar. I'll drink when I get thirsty.' But still, she'd insist a certain amount of water was drank every day, thirsty or not. Of course, she told me the benefits and all, of drinking water, but everything went over my head. As restless kids, we hardly any pay attention to such advises now, do we?

Today, of course, is another story. I do realize its so important to drink water. As per our body structure, certain amount of water is daily needed by our body. For my 5feet.5inch' frame, I require 4 litres daily. And if I tend to ignore this schedule, my body goes haywire. And why not? Think, our body is made of 75% liquid, so, if we cut out the sweat/
urine that expels certain amount of water from our body, where do the new liquid come from? Of course, by drinking water.

I've found FIVE major benefits ( besides others ) of drinking water, and that sums up why water intake is so important.

1. Water cleanses our body of toxins.
2. Water keeps us hydrated, else, dehydration will make us find ourselves in the loo most of the times with loose motions.
3. Water keeps our body metabolism in check.
4. Water is a natural moisturizer - it keeps our skin, soft and supple; replenishing it naturally.
5. Warm water ( mixed with few drops of honey+lemon ), drank early morning on an empty stomach can make you loose weight.

Now, with the above pointers, you know why you should drink water regularly. Make sure you boil and filter it though, and take as per your body proportion required, to stay fit and healthy.

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  1. Totally agree. Simply drinking enough water in a day makes you feel so much better.


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