I never understood, why! People howl and cry inconsolably when someone departs or go all sad and depressed, for weeks on end. The whole atmosphere, in a place where death has occurred, becomes gloomy. And it happens almost everywhere, whichever corner of the world it may be.

I, on the other hand, never feel sad. Infact, in the past I used to get freaked out and would never visit, even if it was some close relatives who had died. Infact, I'd just avoid going to that house altogether for years. It was more for the fear of ghosts than anything else. Being fed, since childhood, about the phenomenon of people most likely becoming ghosts after their death, used to scare the hell out of me. However, in the building that I currently live, there has been three deaths back-to-back, and although 2 of the deaths indeed did lead to some really spooky events, my fear has now subsided. I'm good friends with one female, whose father had died and often go to their house, which in the past I'd have never done even in my wildest dreams. Incidentally though, right after her father's death many spooky things had occurred, that made me leave my flat for almost 2 years and go to my native ( will write about them in another post ). But like I said, I'm no longer scared of ghosts and death; and mourn, I never did!

That brings me back to the topic of why people cry when someone dies? Won't they die too one day? I believe, people most of the times conveniently forget that fact. Inspite of history being a witness, that no one escapes death, people like to ignore it and go about their lives, thinking they'll never face it. And when they see it suddenly happen, that too to close ones, they are just not able to accept it. Too much of materialism makes one forget our limited life-span and our spiritual self. I think its better to keep the fact always in mind - that our turn too will come one day, definitely. I do that, hence, I hardly feel sad when I hear news of someone dying. Its like, hey I'm lucky to be still alive. But... till when? hmmm...
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