‘Don’t go near the water. Nondescript they might seem; but they’re dangerous,’ the caretaker warned Michelle.

Michelle looked at the old tubes that looked harmless in the placid water, and shrugged her head. ‘How on earth could these lifeless almost rusted tubes be dangerous,’ she thought. That watchman’s surely on quirky weeds.

She went to inspect, not heeding to the warning.

She heard screams, coming from the tubes. ‘Help us, we’re trapped!’

Curious, she went near, and to her surprise she saw miniature live-human figures.
‘Hold on, I’ll help you,’ she stretched her hand, only to be sucked in herself.

This 100 word post is for friday fictioneers ( Image Copyright – © Dale Rogerson )
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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Good story. Nice take on the prompt. Well done. :)

  2. I like your use of the prompt. Little miniature people. she should have listened.

  3. It's very hard to comment on your blog. This is my thired try.

    Enjoyed your story.

  4. Good writing. You drew us in.

  5. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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