“Wheeeee….” She heard it again, and instantly looked up.

“What are you looking at?” Jeremy asked, puzzled. He had been paying attention, to absorb-in closely, anything unusual. But, why couldn’t he hear the sound, like Martha, who claimed to have heard noises, from the roundabout above? There was no one around, he was certain; they were the only two in that deserted theme-park. Ever since that horrible accident, years ago, the park was closed to the public, and always empty.

“No Jeremy, I swear, I wouldn’t lie.

Wheeeee, the sound came again. Were they of those children, who died during that mishap?

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © Ted Strutz Stratford )
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  1. just the right amount of creepy. Bravo

  2. Oh, sad. Why is it carousels seem to bring on such stories? Nicely done.

  3. creepy tale, well written

    My take on 3WW : Haiku - Tolerance

  4. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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