When I talk about babies, I remember, I too was one. That was years ago, and if today I live a healthy life, it’s mainly because of the outmost care taken by my parents especially my mother, when I was a baby. Same is the case with everyone else. Yes, indeed, when a baby is taken care of, since the initial days; it reflects in his/
her health, in later life too. With proper nutrition, regular massages and careful skin care, the immune system is built from early on.

I love babies. They are special little angels that come straight from the heavens as our special guests. I remember Omy, my neighbour’s baby, whom I used to simply adore, because she looked just like a little live-doll. I was barely 8-9 years then, I used to rush to her house and carry her. I was tiny myself, but felt very protective about her. I remember, while I carried little Omy though, her mother would constantly hover over by my side, all the time, rather nervously. I was like, I’ll manage, let me carry her around in peace, please. But, her mother just wouldn’t let me. Much later I realized, why she was so protective. It was her child after all. What if I tripped and fell, while carrying the baby around? Moreover, I was a kid myself, so I’d just play about mainly in the outdoors all the time; hence, being dirty was my second nature. Thus, Omy’s mother would let me carry the baby for only a few minutes, then rush off, taking her along to perhaps sanitize all the dirt that I poured upon the poor child. Well, that’s mothers. They just can’t let their baby suffer at any cost, and would take all precautions. While parents knows best how to keep their child protected, we as adults too can follow them.

Here are some tips to keep your baby feeling safe and soft all the time ~

1. Give your baby regular oil massages, 2-3 times a day. It does wonders for their skin, and also growth.
2. Use all the soft baby toiletries ( soap, shampoo, powder, cream etc ). Never use products that are made of harsh chemicals.
3. Give them a bath with mild-warm water. Make sure the soap-water does not enter their eyes/ears/nose.
4. Try not to put diaper on for all twenty-four hours. Keep the area free for natural air-circulation too. Look out for rashes, if any. Use special cream and powder in that sensitive area after cleaning. Always use diaper that is soft like that of Pampers, and change regularly.
5. Make sure the clothes they wear are made of soft material. Clothes, being always in contact with the skin, its best to choose the softest material that is also breathable. Don’t take a baby out in direct sun.

Besides the above, plenty of sleep and lots of love is what a baby needs; and yeah, his regular feed too!
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