The atmosphere in the skies was grim. The heavens thundered above, and how! It was however not the usual thunder-storms, we humans are accustomed to. This was a storm of another kind. The God above was furious, as he paced up and down the heaven's courtyard, making the universe shake and shiver with every step of his. Behind, his assistant was trying his best to keep up with Him. He was no match for the Almighty himself and had to practically run to match God's 'one' step.

"Humans...humans..humans! How incorrigible they are!" God thundered again.
"Why, my lord. What did they do now?" The assistant asked meekly.
"Look at them. Just look at them. Always trying to outsmart me!" God growled angrily.
The assistant was at a loss for words, the God continued anyway, "Whatever I give them, they are just never satisfied. Never!"

"Can you give an example God? Its all going over my head," the assistant was confused.
"You want examples? Sure, I'll give you just that ~ Examples! See, I gave humans trees, they made thousand uses and products out of them. I gave them materials, they invented a zillion gadgets out of them. They've not spared the animals too. And now, they've reached the limit!"
"Why do you say that God?"

"Well, I gave them my most precious creation - the Rainbow. The beautiful rainbow, with 7 beautiful colours no less, that I created out of my own hands. But they weren't satisfied with just that. Know what they did?" God glared at his assistant.
"No God. Please tell what they did."
"They split my 'dearest' rainbow into hundreds of colours, that's what they did. Can you imagine that? Something, even I hadn't imagine could happen." God frowned, his hands clasping his forehead; the creases in his forehead deepening with worry. These humans he created, would race far ahead of him someday, he thought worriedly.
"But, isn't that good, God? They are improving upon things you've given. They are just being intelligent, you should be proud. Afterall, it was 'humans' you decided to make the most advanced of all species, remember? They are just living upto your reputation, that's all. Don't worry. Be Happy," the assistant, with a smile, encouraged the fuming God.

"Shut up you fool," God snapped, "You are siding with them? Bah...even being God, I can't enjoy some of the incredible stuff they've created, and you want me to be happy and not worry? Do you know how frustrating it is for a God?"
"But you are God. You can have anything you want."
"That's exactly the problem. I can't have what they have, you see. Why else do you think I've been howling all this while? Why, you fool!?"
"But God... what exactly do you want?"
"I want to do up my home, the Heavens. Yes, I want to colour it up," God gazed dreamily around, his eyes softening up a bit with that thought. "Its been the same colour 'blue' for billions of years now. Ages really, since I last got it painted. I want to change all that. Do a complete makeover! I want it more peppy like those humans have." God was almost in tears now.
"So, what's the big problem God? Just buy some paints from down earth and splash all over heaven. Problem solved," the assistant was sure he'd get a promotion for such a wonderful suggestion to God. But he was disappointed.
"You fool. You'll always remain a fool, grrr. This is heaven, you stoopid. If it gets repainted, we want the best theme to suit it. Not just any random colour. Do you get it? How do we choose from so many colours humans have created, from my dearest rainbow? How?"

The assistant knew, perhaps, it was time to reveal his secret alas, that he had kept under wraps for so long....

God always took him for a fool, the assistant thought silently, as her watched God pace up and down. He felt humiliated. Maybe, it was time to prove to God once and for all, that he was not a fool; and get that long awaited promotion too. He deserved it after all. Plus, he had also been doing what God couldn't i.e mingle with humans; understand their developments from really close quarters. He had been awestruck by Human's Brahmashashtra - the internet. With it, humans had literally conquered everything, well almost. For example, the #PF - who would've thought about it in Heaven? Even God didn't have such intelligence, the assistant laughed inside. God was the real fool, not him. Phew...anyways, he'd show God the #PF, and his problem will be solved instantly. Humans were clever to have invented it. It was one hell of a useful utility - one, that could help search the exact 'theme' that would suit a particular space; be it home, office or anywhere. With it, God won't be stuck with his boring seven-coloured rainbow anymore, as there were a plethora of shades to choose from.

True to his intuition, as soon as the assistant informed God about #PF, God has been jumping up and down the heavens gleefully. He has been almost obsessed with it, trying to find which colour-theme would suit the heavens. Repaint, after billions of years was no mean feat, but thankfully, #PF tool was there to the rescue.


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