Babies are those special little angels that come directly from heaven. Adorable that they are, they are all so full of innocence, softness and cuteness too. I love babies - to cuddle them or play with them. Their curiosity levels in this new world of theirs, that they’ve entered, is worth watching. Time just flies and how, when one is with a baby! Until, that is…..they pee or poop. Then, things can get very very messy! Because, they don’t care about manners, you see. They just do it; where they feel like, when they feel like ~ without giving a damn about who gets to clean it all up in the end. Ah..they are innocent cuties no doubt, and yet to learn about all those intricacies of life; so, they are forgiven, lol. So, while a parent gets accustomed to the routine, for someone like me who is not a parent yet, it can be a really hair-raising event. That’s why, whenever I agree to do baby-sitting, I put forth a condition that - they should put Pampers on their baby first. Luckily, my neighbourhood baby is a Pampers baby, as his mother proudly told me. She told me how relaxed she feels that she can depend on Pampers anyday. As she was raving so much, I decided to give her the new Pampers Premium Care Pants to try out for the baby. I had got it in the recently held #SoftestForBabySkin event. My mission was to find out if she found any difference in the newer version of the Pampers, as it claimed to be India's softest diaper, ever!


Free Pampers to a new mother is any day a better gift than any other precious items, trust me - 'cos I saw that gleaming 'happy' look on her face as she took it gladly from me, promising to answer my little survey which would help me better review the product. On the fourth day, I went back to her with the questionnaire in my hand.


The Salient Features of Pampers Premium Care Pants ~

All Around Softness - Crafted with soft materials to provide all-around softness and comfort.
Upto 12 Hours Dryness - Ultra dry core quickly absorbs and lock away dryness.
Baby Lotion - Helps protect your baby's delicate skin.
Breathable Materials - The micro pores help air circulation, allowing skin to breath.
Wetness Indicator - That turns from yellow to blue, indicating time for change.
All Around Fit - Stretchy 360 degree waistband and leg cuffs.
Disposable Tape - That enables easy disposal of pants after a change.

My list of questions to my neighbour whom I had gifted the pack of Pampers. After using it for a few days, here are her answers to my little survey on her whole experience :

Q01. What is your name? ( Of course, I know her name; the formality is only for my review survey and the readers ;-)
Ans - Sushma Pradhan

Q02. How old is your baby?
Ans - It will complete two years this year.

Q03. Have you ever used Pampers? What did you use before?
Ans - Yes, I have used, besides normal cloth diaper as well.

Q04. Did you try the new Pampers Premium Care Pants on your baby?
Ans - The one you gave? Yes, of course. Thanks a lot. The last pack had just got over, and I had forgotten to buy a new one, so, I was just too happy to receive this new one. Thanks again.

Q05. Is it Comfortable? As in, does it fit properly and not too tight?
Ans - Yes, it fits perfect. Not tight at all. It fits well even for a 2 year old.

Q06. How many pieces are there inside the packet?
Ans - 8 pieces.

Q07. What is the price? Is it within the budget of middle-class people to afford Pampers?
Ans - Quality product always comes with a price. So, no issues on that, although, we housewives always do look out for bargains and cheaper options. But when it comes to my baby, there's no compromise.

Q08. How long does it last? When do you have to change? At what intervals?
Ans - It lasts a good 12 hours. You can put on in the morning and till evening it'll last for sure. Although, when it comes to babies you do need to change in a day - its a must. Its not re-usable though, and have to throw it after 1 use. And in the new Premium Care pants, I've noticed an indicator too, that turns from yellow to blue and you know its time to change.

Q09. Do you see any difference between normal diapers and Pampers?
Ans - Oh yes! With other diapers there's always problems, but with Pampers - all problems are solved. Pampers is soft and best for a baby. It is very safe and not allergic to the baby's skin too. What more could I have asked for?

Q10. Will you recommend Pampers?
Ans - Definitely.

So, you can see how happy my neighbour was with the new Pampers Premium Care Pants for her baby! Are you a new mother? Have you tried Pampers Premium Care Pants for your baby yet? Do share your thoughts.

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