So, a contest closed on 10th Aug 11.59pm. While it didn't close right away ( like it should've ), the submit button lay open for sometime till next morning. However, on 11th Aug midnight all entries were displayed and contest showed 'closed' properly. On 12th around 9-10 pm one entry made appearance. On looking, it showed the video was uploaded just a few minutes ago. On 13th another entry made appearance, on checking it showed the video was uploaded just 17 hrs back, i.e around same time the other entry was uploaded/posted. So, if one does the math, from 11th midnight till these entries were uploaded at around 8-9pm the next day i.e on 12th, there was a good 18-19 hrs gap. During that 18 hrs anyone can watch all other entries, see how they are done and upload theirs. I raised my objection when the second entry made appearance i.e on 13th, when on checking the video was uploaded just 17 hrs back. They are not newbies to be ignorant about rules/deadlines.
"colgate wants more videos no doubt...but is it fair on early posters to accept newer entries way past the deadline especially when all videos can be watched and improvised upon? saw two uploaded/posted almost 2 days after deadline."

Now, is it really fair on others who posted on time, for few others to take advantage ~ see all of other's work at leisure and sneak in theirs this way? One of them has pretty good connection with the organizers, if one goes by past or current interactions, so I didn't expect any justice and pulled out mine immediately. They may win too for all I care, but that would be winning by foul means. And I didn't want to be part of it.
"i've removed my entry...so it'll go down again...dont want to be part of this anymore." "my url is no longer accessible and ive mailed the inditeam to remove my post...hopefully they do it at the earliest :-) i find it unethical letting in entries way past deadlines.....all the best to them..i'm out of it." "This is exactly what happened. What is constructive parenting? To teach kids its okay to sneak in ur answer sheets two days after exams are over?" "After a week/month passes, youtube shows 'published on' as - 1 week/1 month ago etc, so its hard to determine the exact date. So, these are screen shots taken just few minutes ago ( anyone can verify ), these 2 videos were uploaded around 12thAug evening 8-9 pm hence it shows 2 days ago. I'm not part of this contest anymore....but doing public service and ensuring fairness :-) In contests, no one is a VIP to get special treatment.
Screenshot 1 - http://i.imgur.com/jTikQiL.jpg
Screenshot 2 - http://i.imgur.com/JI2ZwOo.jpg"
( my posts @/forum/topic.php?id=21167 )

In the end, its about principles. Its a contest related to kids and on constructive parenting. Both of these are parents themselves, no wonder world is so corrupted, because, one can guess what these parents teach their kids. The mgmt has done nothing and those posts still remain, so, I was right about nothing will be done - ah..their fav one was on the docks, LOL rules get bent for Cheaterwati....( didn't she strut in the oyoroom's activity last moment, when her name was not even in the list - nothing misses my hawk-eyes ;-) Pure favouritism at work there. IB seems smitten by Cunningwati n her dollops of Butter ( heehawheehaw )...but for me she is Crapwati. And the other one whose claim to fame is rampant backscratching doesn't even deserve a mention here.

UPDATE : So, the one who has connections took my quote from the forum and tried to correct the English, obviously perhaps after buttering up the organizers - that explains the 'attitude'. My reply to that is also posted in my twitter of what exactly I think of such individuals :-) Top people doesn't impress me, what are you? haw haw haw

And LMAO....ButterWati aka Crapwati aka Cheaterwati WINS! Not surprising. Kinda expected it....not cos of talent, but cos of sheer back-door buttering skills. The contest should be renamed ~ The Power of Back-Door Buttering or Power of Sycophancy, instead. Hope you buy some integrity with the prize amount, Butterwati; because, integrity is what you clearly lack! Whatta shame to win by foul means. This is what's called corruption and match-fixing. A live example.

Character Analysis of Crapwati ( ooh..how I love doing this ) - So, she runs a little backscratching group ( of 117 or so ) and calls herself HighPriestess or something equally stoopid.... hahaha! Now since she has this tiny group of bloggers, that batch-scratch one another in hopes of getting their blogs read/commented or whatever shit....IB thinks she is a great influencer. Hence, their smitten behaviour towards her. And of course, her buttering skills keeps the bond going ( hawhaw ). I used to love IB and had always supported them..but their this kind of blatant favourtism is pathetic to say the least.

So, they do a ha-ha revision of results when people objects, and their favourite pops-up again - her place is fixed in the winner's list afterall.

i used to love IB...but this kind of blatant favouritism is really sickening. If someone has so obviously broken rules, and everyone is witness to it - why keep awarding them, even with so-called revision? what message does it show? that its okay for rules to be disregarded for select few? IB can ban me...but i can see pure favortism at work here.

The owner responds with some mumbo-jumbo which I'm no way buying; and my reply below.

Let me start by clarifying on the revision - that was only because of the one entry where the video was too long. The revision had nothing to do with Blogwati's entry. Our support team made a decision to allow the entry, and we stand by that decision.

I've said this before, there are thousands of bloggers on IB, there is nothing we have to gain by indulging in favouritism for one blogger and risking our reputation with thousands of others. It makes no sense, why would we put everything on the line for one blogger?

Before the closure of every contest, our support team gets several last-minute queries and requests. We have a process to check the genuineness of these requests, and we always ask for evidence to back up any claims made. Once in a while, we make a call to give some leeway to a case if we believe it's genuine, and if we can ensure that there is no undue advantage given over anyone else. In fact, the support ticket was reviewed, investigated and flagged by someone who has probably never even met Blogwati, let alone have a reason to give her any special treatment. We've made exceptions for several bloggers before, and you may have noticed the number of entries going up by one or two the day after a contest closes. If anything, we should be called out for having empathy (something our team ensures is kept intact) as opposed to deliberately being unfair.I hope you understand where we're coming from; we're sorry that this contest has left many of you disappointed, we really are - but this entry in question was allowed as per our process to allow genuine exceptions, and the entry was then chosen by the brand. There was no favouritism involved.

Nandini Deka
from Bombay
23 hours ago

1. the people concerned are not newbie...they have participated many contests to be well acquainted with rules.

2. uploading 2 days after contest closes and all other entries are up is -- genuine exceptions? haha

no more arguements from my side....your site, your rules.
I won't stay in a place that so unabashedly shows that they'll be biased, no matter what. Good for them. Sycophancy is the root of all corruption, and this is one great example of it. I've left the community, because, I know they'll continue with this crap i.e favour their sycophants, and I have no desire to be part of such set-up.

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