I looked at the building with utter-disbelief,
Although declared illegal,
in it, I had all my dreams weaved.
Ripped apart, right from the middle,
Lay my home shattered,
I kneel down to pick pieces of it,
to heal the nasty shock, any remnants I can, of it.
I then hear a purr, near my shaky-self,
Its kitty, my good ol’ friendly neighborhood cat.
As the feline rushes across the street,
and in shade of another building, silently hides,
The message its trying to give, I finally get.
No use fretting upon things, already gone,
Guess, it’s time to bury past; and move on.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © C.E.Ayr )
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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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