We live in a stunning planet. We must be the envy of all the other planets that surrounds us, in our Solar System. Our positioning is such that it creates the perfect atmosphere and conditions for life to thrive, compared to other hostile conditions that other planets surely face. Our planet has existed billions of years and life too has perhaps existed all this while. It is evident from the numerous archaeological proofs that we get - in the form of fossils etc ( that's how we discovered the Dinosaurs, didn't we :-). There have been many a species that got extinct and new ones created, over and over – that’s the marvel of nature. The Almighty has created this beautiful planet keeping perfect balance in mind. Thus, even though there has been evolution and changes throughout, a balance was maintained at all times.

For long, Humans too lived quite amicably alongside the wild. Gradually though, with progress they made, there has been a constant man-animal conflict. Be it chopping away jungles to make way for human settlements, farming, setting up industries or simply killing away wildlife mercilessly for the purpose of poaching - with most animal's skin, tooth, flesh etc being priceless and sought after heavily. So, if earlier changes were natural and mostly for the good and an integral process of evolution itself; changes now, were totally man-made and very dangerous ~ for our own future and of this planet! Many wildlife are now at a threat of extinction, with some of them left with only a few numbers. And the reason is largely man’s own carelessness and greed. Some animals that are witnessing the threat are the Blackbuck, Malabar Gliding Frog, Gharial ( crocodile ), Indian Wild Ass, One-horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Lion-tailed Macaque, Indian Hog Deer, Indian Bullfrog, Indian Wild Dog, Asiatic Elephant, Indian Peacock, Spectacled Cobra, Leopard and Asiatic Lioness; as compiled in a wonderful book on wildlife conservation by Ashok Mahindra. He has traversed immensely in both small and big Wildlife Sanctuaries & Reserves to document their sad plights. I read the book and reviewed it as well, and on going through it I became aware of the delicate situation that exists today. I’d like to save all the species listed in the book because each one plays an important role in making what the planet is ~ incredible!


For those wondering why on earth should I want to save the Bengal Tiger, afterall, if the tiger sees me I’ll be inside his tummy the next instant. Well, figure this – yes, it does prey upon other grass eating animals like cows, deer, buffaloes etc. But imagine all tigers are extinct; then, there will naturally be a bigger herbivores population. And when they are in huge numbers, the grasslands or meadows that we see would no longer exist. In such a scenario, with plants or trees gone it won’t be a pleasant place to live in, trust me. It’ll be all barren, which will further affect the climatic conditions. Thus, animals like tigers play a very important role in keeping their numbers in check and also balances the whole eco-system. I can also name the Leopard or the Asiatic Lioness in the same breathe, as they too play a similar role and needs protection.


For those wondering why on earth should I want to save the Black Buck, after all didn’t I try saving the Tiger just now, who might prey upon the same deer I’m trying to save and gobble it up. I came to know about the Black Buck being endangered, in the famous news that was associated with it, when some actor tried to hunt it and was in turn was persecuted. This gorgeous animal is native only to India, is the only living species of the genus Antilope ~ all the more reason to save it. Do we really want to lose such a gorgeous and elegant creature?


For those wondering why on earth should I want to save the Peacock, it being our National Bird. Well, tell me one thing - do you see the national bird anywhere around you? I certainly do not. Because, believe it or not they are under threat from extinction as well. I was fortunate to spot a few in a Kanyakumari resort ( of all places ) recently, and I was just mesmerized by its beauty and playfulness. Would you want the most-beautiful-of-all birds vanish without a trace? It might just happen if we aren’t careful enough.

I have listed only 3, but given a choice I want to save them all and let them live with all the freedom and dignity they deserve. Lets be careful and not encroach any more into their space. Lets say a firm 'NO' to products made with these animal's skin or any body part - it'll certainly discourage poachers. Lets not just talk, let's walk the talk! Do read Ashok Mahindra's book to get more insights about these wonderful creatures of God and why they deserve all our love and concern rather urgently!
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( Images - ) Ashok Mahindra has come out with a Wildlife Photo Book titled "Capturing Wildlife Moments in India". Through 120 photographs,the book highlights the rich heritage and range of wildlife and its habitats in India.The book indicates the continuing threat to wildlife in India and sets out how it could be more effectively preserved.The book lists the National Parks and Sanctuaries visited (over 30), the Wildlife Hotspots and Interesting Places to Stay.The book will be of interest to those involved in conservation,wildlife photography and wildlife tourism.
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