The gun-shot deafened him for a few moments. Then, it was all quiet.

He opened his eyes. How on earth was he still alive? He could see and feel everything. He touched his head where the bullet was targeted, it seemed intact; no injury.

Where was his gun? Didn’t he hold it just a while ago? He looked around desperately. It was nowhere.

He spotted the glass-jars in the living room, and went near. They didn’t reflect back his image, strange.

Then he saw his body, lying limp in a pool of blood; his tedious effort did not go waste!

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © G.L. MacMillan. )
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  1. Well that is long as you aim is true.

  2. Ouch - great use of the idea of reflection...made me think of Fight Club...always good!

  3. silly man. Great story

  4. A futile success, it seems.

  5. How sad, his success, his end. Well told!

  6. Anonymous03:09

    Good story. Did you mean "to waste" at the end?

  7. Nice take on the prompt

  8. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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