Though, I'm not a parent yet, the very thought fills me with so much excitement,
of having a little kid of my own whom, I shall fondly watch grow to adult,
right from being a little infant.
The thought brings a flood of so many dreams and wishes galore,
of wonderful times to be spent with the little one and oh.. so much more.
I won't however be a parent intimidating or authoritative; because, through my child I want to go back to my days childhood and those precious moments re-live.
I want to see the world through my child again,
Be his or her's best buddy, instead of an overbearing parent.
I want to share with him or her, what I already know of this glorious world,
Yet, willingly learn from him or her always, life's newer & amazing perspectives.
They say children are our future, they couldn't have been any further than truth,
Children mirrors what we too were once, they need a fun-most upbringing indeed.
All this I want from the very onset, starting right from the daily family breakfasts,
With Kellogs Chocos making the mornings healthily delicious; our parent-child chatters too becoming chirpy & bright.

Na ho parent-child tension, friction ya aur koyi uljhan,
Bacho ke dost bano toh khul jaye unki aur apki bhi Bachpan...
When I look back into my own childhood, I did have the most strictest set of parents there ever was,
Total disciplinarians; forever keeping an eye for errors, stifling it did get sometimes.
I remember being very scared of my dad, and avoided him throughout that ever I could,
My mother meanwhile had let down her guard, and became closest to us siblings.
The difference was stark, how we reacted differently to both our parents,
the stricter one made our blood curl in terror, while the gentler only brought smiles plenty.
Being too strict, one also takes you further away from your child,
That I could very well feel with one of my parent,
While the one chose who to be my friend, became, whats called a buddy parent!
I remember sharing jokes and all my teenage girly secrets,
with my mom who was way-too-cool a mom,
She'd defend us kids, when our dad thundered, being the ever protective shield.
But hey, being a buddy parent is by no means being too lenient either,
Because, that's a sure way to spoil children; a middle ground is whats required.
Some 'Khushi Ke Pal' Memories with my Buddy Parent :
My mother loved dancing, however, she wasn't trained. But still, she'd hold daily evening classes both for us kids and we'd squeal in laughter at her mistakes. Interestingly, instead of scolding us, she too would join in. I remember, as a result, we ended up teaching her moves; mostly from latest bollywood flicks ( Mithun ones ). And she was forever willing to learn. These were our favourite times, just before our dad returned from office - after which, the house would get all foreboding and serious. My mother would come stealthily to our study-rooms ( where our father often grounded us ) and feed us sudden snacks that she cooked. It was such a relief to see her smiling face, and the punishment too became ever so pleasant only because of her. Infact, we'd wait to get punished again just to taste her yummy pakodas that she'd bring. My memories with my Buddy Parent i.e my mother are many - and all the camaraderie we shared. I know from experience, how, when a parent is a friend to the child, the child is most closest to them and that relationship becomes so much more special. While till this day, there is some kind of aloofness in my relation with my father ( who was un-believingly strict ), my relationship with my mother, on the other hand, is still the most closest and continues to be, even when she lives miles away from me in another far-off city.


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