“Want to be Dare-Devils, then, pass the entrance-test,” the leader said; a twisted smirk playing in his face, “and that’s ‘Be Obedient; stay put inside our Hotties’ until times up!”

Pointing his finger at the hotties – half-buried vertically into the ground, he added in a raspy voice, “in that position; and remember, no sign of fear or you’re out!”

The newbies looked nervously, but went ahead in somber mood.

“What are you doing,” the leader’s assistant asked horrified, seeing him light the petrol-trail behind the cars.

As the cars went up in flames with the entrants inside, the leader smirked, “No sign of fear, I said; they didn’t obey!”

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  1. what true evil.Well written piece

  2. Oh boy. That's one screwed up leader they had. If only they had known...

    Here's me Friday Fictioneers fiction

  3. great imagination put into this the ending is creepy =)

  4. This was just evil :). I love it

  5. nice story

    My Take On The Prompt Thief

  6. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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