Recently, I came across this site called RewardMe by P&G that has a plethora of articles on beauty, lifestyle, food, family, crafts etc including exciting activities like contests, product reviews. I spent a good amount of time in the site and to my surprise there were even rewards ~ free samples of various products to try out before buying. I applied for a few, lets see when I get them. Will surely put up my review on those. I came through some extensive interesting articles on 'Beauty'. One of the articles that instantly caught my eye was 'How to do your own facial'. Indeed, DIY is always so much convenient besides being both time and money savers. While that article concentrated on the face, I thought, why not try changing that a bit, keeping the process similar. Before that however, let me ask you a question – how many pair of cheeks do we have? And where?

One pair and in the Face! I can almost hear you all shout in unison. Well, wrong! We actually have two pairs of cheeks. One of course on our face the other…..any guesses? Well…it’s the bums. If you look closely, they are our rather plumper pair of cheeks. Try running your hands - once over the face cheeks and once over the butt cheeks. Notice, how the face cheeks feel so much smoother compared to the butt cheeks - that are often coarse, dry and dull ( sometimes with added stretch marks and cellulite as well ). While we do everything we can to make the cheeks on our face prettier, we hardly do anything for those neglected bum cheeks. No wonder, while in the west, the ladies out there are at ease to sport a bikini in the beaches ( getting a butt facial being common there ) in perfect toned bodies, here in India, we hide behind yards and yards of saree even in a beach. We’d even squirm at the very thought of visiting a spa nearby and trying out a butt facial. Few spas does offer that service, but we’d rather die of shame than expose our butts to some unknown masseur much less get a full fledged facial ( of the bums ) done. So, why not try it at home? Simple right? With full privacy ( you can get your partner/spouse to help you with it as well ) and of course, saving those thousand of bucks Spas charge.

So, how do we do a Butt Facial? Well there are products for that, but we can do it with exactly the same products we normally use for our face facial. Yes! Its that easy. We just require the 5 basic items – cleanser, scrubber, massage cream, mask and serum ( extra if required ). Please buy only from good and reputed brands to be always on the safer side. Follow the step-by-step regime given below and have the prettiest and softest bums ever to flaunt, in your hot bikinis or admire in the mirror! While normally we do facial routine almost daily, we can do the same for our butts too. But twice a week should do fine as well.

  • Step 1: First Cleanse - For any facial this is most vital step. Use the Face wash or cleanser as per your skin type - but remember, this is for your bum! Cleansing twice cleans the skin thoroughly. Wash your bum and pat dry with a towel.

  • Step 2: Deep Cleanse (exfoliate) or Scrub - Scrubber has small micro-granules that helps in exfoliation i.e removing dead skin. Use only those products that suit your skin type. Wet your bums a bit first before using the scrub. Scrub thoroughly, and since its the bums you can be a little vigorous in the scrubbing. Wash and pat dry with a towel.

  • Step 3: Warm Compress and Butt Massage - For this, use a piece of cloth that has been soaked in warm water and place it over your bum. You can lie down for a while when doing this. It'll dilate the pores and boost circulation. After a few minutes you can remove the cloth and also wipe your bum with it to remove any residue of the products used prior.
    Then take the massage cream and massage the bum cheeks in slow upward movements. Let the cream get absorbed into the skin. Stay a while.

  • Step 4: Mask - Without removing the cream, apply the mask over both the bum-cheeks properly. A good hydrating, firming, nourishing formula will work wonders. Use as per your skin type. Relax for 10-15 minutes by lying on your stomach. Then rinse it off and have a good leisurely bath.

  • Step 5: Serum or Cream - After bath and drying completely, apply a serum or cream on your butt cheeks. Its good to use one to keep your skin smooth, supple, hydrated, well-looked after and totally invigorated.

    Well, try the above steps and let me know if your bums are looking prettier than ever :-) For more Beauty tips head over to RewardMe!
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