image by Sarolta Ban

I'll always be near you, her father said,
no matter wherever you are,
near or miles apart.
You are a part of my body,
I shan't ever be away from,
though temporarily, I may depart...
With that, her father stepped on the plane,
that'd take him back to his homeland,
after, in that new place,
he had got her well settled.

Hours after, as she switched on the news,
a horror news, at her, greeted,
A plane crash, no survivors declared,
the same plane, her father had boarded.
She couldn't believe her eyes,
yet, it was true,
The nation had got on the rescue-mode,
while she could only stand numb; mute.

The phone rang incessantly,
distracting her from the tear-stained state she was,
To her surprise, her father spoke on the other end,
I told you, I'll always be near you;
wherever you are, near or miles apart.

As she heaved a sigh of relief,
her eyes went to the TV screen,
On it, flashed her father's picture,
recovered from the rubble, deceased.

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