Difference between Journalists and Bloggers - Scribes/Journalists print various Press Releases for free, because their revenue comes from people who buy those newspapers/
magazines or selling advertisement space - both of which are huge. Now, Brand PRs give same the Press Releases to both journalists & bloggers, expecting same free coverage by bloggers too. They fail to understand ( most ) bloggers like to write unique content and not blindly copy+paste the Press Release. Moreover, noone buys a blog do they, as they would buy a newspaper/mag, so their ( i.e the blogger's ) revenue model mainly comes in the way of Sponsored Posts. If PRs expect bloggers just to copy+paste their press release ( which further lowers down your blog's ranking on Google ), they simply donot understand or respect the bloggers. Bloggers should NOT cover such stories for free. If PRs are stingy to pay blogger their due ( which is not much/the market rate for writing which can be 4-10Rs/per word ), but have no qualms about the expenditure they ( i.e the brands they represent ) do on a single page of print ( or video advt ), that can run into crores - bloggers should put their foot down with a big No!

A newspaper/mag with lakhs/cores worth of advt put on it, is crumpled and thrown aside the next day itself, whereas, a blog stays forever. And specially in this era of digital age where Google is king - a single search on any brand ~ pops up all those blogs. So, its high time Brands/PRs understand and value the contribution of a blogger/blog.

I covered a few stories for free in the beginning ( out of ignorance :o ), then, the same PR would contact me with more free work, filling my inbox with tonnes of junk. I put my foot down and said a big NO! If any bloggers is reading this, please demand your dues - either cash/kind or any gratification, but never work for free. When more bloggers start demanding, they'll realize bloggers can't be taken for a ride. However, please ensure even if you are doing paid posts - maintain neutrality and honestly in your work always. Don't just praise the brand if you are getting paid - that would be misleading.

There are blogger platforms like Blogmint, IB, BA etc who has respected Blogger's work/
contribution in creating brand awareness and social media engagements/promotions, though a lot still needs to be done. Ask the PRs to come via those platforms, cos' atleast even if a little, the bloggers will benefit for their work.

PS : Do share this write-up with as many bloggers you know ( yeah, those PRs too )!
Thanks & Keep Blogging.

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