In a few days, I’m going off to the mountains on a camping adventure trip. I’ve been longing for this particular trip for quite some time now to get a respite from the scorching summer heat as well as make my debut in active adventure holiday. While I’m all packed and ready to go, I came across this RewardMe site and one activity listed here got me thinking. True, when we think of having a holiday or doing fun activities, first thing we do is try to run away from the city. However, travelling outside means lots of expenses incurred, exhaustion at the end of the trip besides safely issues! Moreover, we yearn to go to outside locations but totally ignore the attractions our city holds. We ignore the fact that so many out-station people actually envies us and long to visit our city. It’s a perfect case of “Ghar ki Murgi Daal Barabar” for us. That’s why I took so much interest in this article. It gave me an insight that we can do lots of fun things while being in the city itself. And yes…save lots and be more close to our family as well. So, why not try be a tourist in your own city? View it from a completely different angle and most importantly save money! It can be quite thrilling, I assure you.

The ( ) -article suggests to try and think what a tourist would do first on his/her visit to the city – they’ll obviously try visiting the historic places, museums or famous markets selling local produce. A visit to the local tourist office will give info on all the latest offers and discounts available in these places. Eg. Many museums offer free entry at certain times of the week.
One can also catch the latest matinee or dine out. But try doing something different. Try watching a play ( like an open-theatre ) or different kind of art that you’ve never seen before or food you’ve never tried. Check out for early-bird deals many eateries offer. Opt for the unusual activities ~ like a concert in a museum, library or local parks. Yes, sometimes they do happen – you just need to keep your eyes open and narrowly scrutinize the weekly activity page of your daily. Look out for Exhibitions or Street Festivals/Carnivals. Many areas in different localities/neighbourhoods organize those regularly. Try the food in those festivals and take part in their various work-shop and activity schedules – most of these are free to attend. Do some volunteering work - there's always a need for volunteers for different tasks.

I was so intrigued by the article as it struck a chord deep within. The activities listed are simple and so easily achievable too. For instance, how easy it is to make your own backyard a thrilling camping site. Get your mats and blankets/pillows outside, have a small barbecue. You can also invite your close friends or relatives over. Play games or watch a movie on the projector and white sheet. Have a bonfire and sleep under the open skies. If you want peace and silence you can enjoy that too. To add to the fun, buy a portable tent ( easily available ) and just head to the nearest park. Camp there under the stars. Now, I am really rethinking about my own camping adventure trip in the Himalayas :|

Go ahead and explore the RewardMe site. You're sure to come across even more thrilling and mind-blowing ideas, I can guarantee you ;-) The site has interesting tips on Beauty, Health, Food, Family, Home, Craft and lots more. What more, you can contribute too and get prizes. Truly a rewarding experience!
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