“They ruled the planet once; now, they are nowhere,” the guide said, as he took the tourist-group around the museum. Little Nathan looked in wonder at the skeletal remains of the once rulers of this planet. Oh..what misery they might had to face, he felt sorry for them, thanking his lucky stars for the privilege of being alive in this planet, at the present.

“Humans may face the same situation, if they aren’t careful about the planet,” the guide was still speaking.

“No!” Nathan yelled; he couldn’t let humans end up as stale, fossilized extinct-species too! How can he stop that from happening?

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © Douglas M. MacIlroy )
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  1. What? You leave us with questions, but not answers? How thrilling!

  2. it's good that they made the child think who knows it maybe the children that save us from our folly.

  3. Simple answer, stop buying food made by multinationals that are decimating the planet with chemicals. However we do like to save a few cents don't we?

  4. Teaching children to think is more important than giving them bare facts.

  5. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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