This world moves at a terribly fast rate. In the little time that I’ve been here, in this amazing planet, I’ve witnessed changes so many, and that too of such humongous proportions, it has left me baffled. The constant evolution never ceases to amaze me. Seeing the progress we’ve made and all the technological advancements we've achieved, it’s quite hard to fathom that just a couple of centuries back, we ( i.e our ancestors ) were living in caves, wearing leaves and twigs of trees. When we try doing that flashback, it is really jaw-dropping to think the mind-boggling journey it's been for the human-species and where we've reached right now. And our generation perhaps is the most privileged lot, who has witnessed and experienced it all firsthand. Our lifestyles, choices and habits too have changed considerably compared to the previous generations that walked this planet.

Shopping is no longer limited to shops or malls like our parents or even some of us were accustomed to, until not so long ago. E-commerce has taken over our lives in such a big way, that now we can simply just sit in the comfort of our homes and order stuff online; get them delivered right up to our doorsteps, without moving an inch. This is incredible for a shopaholic like me. Since last couple of years, I’ve become an online shopping addict and have done countless purchases online. See the proof below ;-)


And yeah, right from gadgets, appliances, FMCG products there’s hardly anything I’ve not bought yet, from online stores. Apparel & accessory purchases being my latest obsession! Earlier, I was bit hesitant to buy outfits online, but sites like Myntra has made it so convenient, that it has become hard to resist. Latest brands & designs, different sizes to choose from, tonnes of attractive discounts offered, coupled with various payment choices ~ people like me are totally spoilt. With various players in the e-commerce business, competition to serve and pamper the customer is only getting better.

If we have gotten this far, I can only wonder what the future will hold. I guess with newer innovations, travel and fashion in the mobile only world will surpass our expectations and reach its zenith proportions. I have a feeling, sites like Myntra will set the benchmark by setting up virtual trial-rooms with 3D effects, where the site will auto-scan and record the person’s image upon logging and suggest outfits that’ll suit the customer without them having to do anything and will also give a virtual view of the outfit chosen, from all angles incorporating the person’s image, so that one can get an idea how the person will look in a particular dress instantly, hence, the deciding factor will be prompt. There may come a time, when orders will be drone-delivered too ~ i.e superfast, and one may get the order within just a couple of minutes or hours of its placement, no matter which corner of the country he/she is in! Ain’t that incredible? Of course, my imagination is running wild here, but all these are a possibility, looking at the technology we have and at the rate we are vrooming into the future.

One thing is for certain though, in very near future the websites themselves may cease to exist and it'll be all mobile oriented. Yes, with mobile penetration being much more than desktop websites, this is fast becoming a reality. More so in smaller towns and cities, where online shopping these days is done mostly via the mobile apps. Reason being ~ Mobiles & Smartphones are far cheaper these days for customers to afford and own as well as for e-commerce owners to operate and maintain, compared to desktop versions. One can carry a mobile 24x7 in his/her pocket, thus, for e-commerce sites to occupy a little corner in a customer's mobile in the form of an app, seems a far more lucrative option than the uncertainity of that person actually logging into a desktop and making a purchase. And 'fashion' being a highly impulsive-buying segment, it makes more sense to be made available on an app. That's what many e-tailers are turning to do ~ i.e make their products available via apps. So dear readers, that was my take. I'm curious to know whats your opinion on it too >> how do you think the future of Travel + Fashion in the mobile only world will be and what would it mean for us i.e the consumers in terms of personalization? Do share your views :-)
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