In this ever constant rush called 'life', we often forget or ignore some of the most important things in our lives. We keep putting them off as much as possible. Our heart frequently tells us to slow down; often giving us new ideas ~ to try something new or do things differently and experiment a bit. It keeps prodding and persuading us; but our head stubbornly prompts us to just move on and carry on with our work as the way it is, without losing any time in pursuits it considers as frivolous or unnecessary. So, in order to please the very-demanding head, our heart loses out and we miss out on things which perhaps would've been more 'magical', giving us joy beyond limits. Ah well...that, we will never find out, shall we? For we've always tried to ignore the heart and have concentrated more on what the head said. For instance, its been almost a decade since I've moved into my current home, but, ever since the first splash of paint on the walls or the very first set of furniture and decor, I've hardly ever tried buying anything new, or tried something different to change its looks or feel. Except the strictly necessary items, I've never bothered to do much with the surroundings either. So, as a result, my house look exactly the same as it did ten years back. Boring, dull and very outdated.

My heart screams and shouts at me everyday, obviously pissed off at the mundane-ness of it all. It has urged me almost everyday to go for a complete make-over countless times, till now. But my supposedly logical head quickly snubs it off as frivolous expenditure. It reasons out that things of necessity however old are already there, in abundance, so why spend more on useless things. Moreover, where to dump the old ones too; its not easy to sell them, is it? And why take the hassle at all, to bring all those bulky items, all the way from the market or malls, making the auto or cab-wala richer instead. What an arduous task it is. Oh, the arguments between my heart and head i.e the constant tug-of-war is endless and never-ending, but in the end my head over-powers my heart like a big bully, silencing it completely. And I too side with my head, because it's recommendations are somewhat more practical and not very painstaking to accomplish or so it seems to me that way ( or maybe its just plain laziness :| ). After all, its more easy to live the way things are rather than make an effort to change and opt for something new, isn't it? So, my heart just sobs silently in one corner.

When I saw SD's #DilKiDeal campaign recently, it struck a chord deep. I couldn't help but remember the plight of my very own heart aka 'Dil' ~ my loved but totally and royally ignored one. Having shopped only a few times before at snapdeal, I wanted to see what it was all about really. I hence decided to browse a little further; spend more time on the site, that is. The #hashtag too had me intrigued no end, and Aamir Khan's picture will no doubt set your curiosity rollicking; so in no time I was clicking my mouse eagerly, one page after another, until I landed on the 'home' section. I could feel a pounding in my ribs instantly, like a Dhak-Dhak! It was my heart that was jumping excitedly, hopefully. Neatly featured on the site was a complete and brand new, sleek & very stylish catalog of everything and anything one might need in a 'house'; and that too made available, all from the comfort of your home. Of course, we all know how easy online shopping has made our lives of late. But we generally opt to buy mostly things like gadgets and utility items more ( i.e light weight stuff ), compared to heavier stuff that's not available on all e-commerce sites; most being very limited. However, here was a store that had all kinds of imaginable things like kitchenware, furnishings and furniture, decor and even hardware items besides home utility products on its platter. I browsed all that it offered and was left breathlessly impressed. It is a premium online store, designed and dedicated to suit everyone's personal tastes and the prices are quite affordable too, with various payment options to choose from as well. And all this has obviously got me really tempted to do a DIL-KI-DEAL for real. My heart seems to be finally winning this time around ;-) Yes, for once I'll listen to what its been yelling at me for years and go for that much needed home make-over. It'll be a precious gift to my heart. If your heart has been behaving like mine, you know what to do - do #DilKiDeal on Snapdeal. When you follow your heart, you can indeed create Magic of Happiness!

This Dil-ki-Deal is special for another very important reason too. Because, like my heart, my mother has been scowling and frowning at the sight of my house everytime, whenever she visits me from my native town ( where she lives ). Imagine the sparkle in her eyes, when this time she'll see the changes I'm planning to do, in every corner of my living-space, from the incredible things I've discovered at Snapdeal's home-store.
My heart leaps in infinite joy,
Seeing the trendy kitchenware,
furnishing and decor,
Soon, that'll be in our midst,
'home', the special place it is,
thrilled and excited to its bits,
Dilkideal jo kiya, Snapdeal ki deal...
I'll spice up my house
with new furniture and toys,
choosing the best from items galore,
Making my heart ever so happy,
treasure-chest, on snapdeal it is,
filled with splendor and with zest,
Dilkideal jo kiya, Snapdeal ki deal...

From bath accessories to bedroom furnishings,
from mattresses to attractive draperies,
carpets, kitchen gadgets, appliances and accessories,
shopping has never been this fun, never this easy,
Dilkideal jo kiya, Snapdeal ki deal...


Just while I was shopping to my heart's content excitedly, for home related-stuff @SD ~ to gift my heart some magical-happiness, I noticed these below.
I realized, its time for another round of #DilKiDeal, what say? ;-)
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( Images - SD ) | They say that when you follow your heart, you can create magic. After all, the heart is the place where all your passion comes from. So whenever you listen to your heart’s calling, the results are perfect – be in in your career, your personal life, your relationships or your dreams. So, when was the last time you heard what your heart was telling you and struck a dil ki deal? Tell a story when you followed your heart, went ahead and made someone feel special – through words or a gift or just a simple gesture, and that decision created magic!
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