She loved him, she really did; and trusted him too wholeheartedly, ever since, he swept her off her feet virtually, where they had first met ~ on a dating-site.

His talks were so endearing, that she wanted to take their relationship to the next more physical level; as in face to face.

A huge gamble it was, she knew; but her heart urged on even though her mind was still hesitant.

He had called her in that isolated place, to meet ~ their very first date.

Without anymore thought, she went; if only she knew, he was a vindictive homicide!

This 5 sentence 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © Rachel Bjerke ) & lilliemcferrin
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  1. emotions always fool you!

  2. Doesn't sound good!


  3. Oh dear, she got that wrong!

  4. Oh no! Never meet in an isolated area!

  5. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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