As the birds outside chirped,
she looked out of the window,
The dark green woods beckoned,
urging her not to delay more...

A human she, never,
understood the strange attraction,
Why merely a glimpse of those trees,
made her feel, that weird connection....

Why were they so familiar to her,
Why they always, called out to her....

That night as she lay
on her bed, to sleep,
Came a dream so real,
that made her go weak...

Wails and screams, she heard,
of her own family,
Before being cursed by the witch,
that turned them, into trees...

The next morning, as she strolled by,
she took a deeper walk,
Letting the curse engulf her too,
her family, she joined.

This post is for Magpie Tales 262
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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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  1. There really is something magic about this photo, isn't there. Understand why she did what she did, and enjoyed the poem very much.

  2. This photo is bringing out the best in everyone today. Nice write.

  3. ya know...before reading the subs, i didnt see the people in the trees. now thats all i see

  4. Sometimes that which draws us in does so with ill intent...really nice imagery here!

  5. Great poem. Really suited the picture. I liked that she joined her family in the end.

  6. I like where the story ended. There are some twists in the tree that resemble human form.

  7. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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