Its Holi today folks! Everyone is outside playing the festival of colours and enjoying to the fullest. But unlucky me, I can’t go out. Well, I do dislike playing this festival, because it gets you all wet and dirty; so when my cousins came over at my house yesterday, I blabbered the same, adding a little snobbishly..was it even a festival! HUH! Guess what, my cousin simply smirked and decided to punish me that very moment. "ND doesn’t like playing holi," she announced, "so, she’ll babysit the twins instead, while we are out playing."
I was put in a spot. If I hated going out and getting wet in all that dirty water during holi, how on earth would I cope with the wetness the twins gonna make inside the house? Yes, my cousin has twins. She is like – she couldn’t enjoy much during the whole pregnancy+delivery and post-delivery phase, so now, she is making up for it full on. She’ll dump her twins on any innocent ( read me ) bakra she’d find, and take out time to have fun herself. Like she did with me the instant I blurted out that I hated Holi. Oh, she loved her babies, no doubt about it. But once in a while she liked to be rid of them too, so that she could have time for herself. And any festival like holi etc, was just the perfect occasion for it. And by claiming that I didn’t like holi, I put an axe on my own two feet. Not one but two babies aka twins, how on earth would I ever manage.

I remember few times my cousin left the twins with her husband ( my jijaji ), and I literally pitied the poor fellow,. He had to clean up all the mess the twins did ~ their precious pee & poop :| Oh! What did I get myself into. Just then I remembered, just a few days ago, another friend of mine had left her baby over at my place as she had some urgent work to do. Yes yes..I’m fast becoming the unpaid baby-sitter of the locality, it seems. Anyways, I remembered how I didn’t have any problem during baby-sitting her little one as she had used Pampers on her baby. She had told me, the diaper had special magic gels that soaked up all the wetness ( by locking in the moisture ), thus, keeping the baby's skin dry and healthy for upto 12 hours. I remember the words very well. Dry Baby Happy Baby and a Happier Baby-sitter. Pampers will save my day again. I had enquired just before she dumped her twins on me, and my cousin assured me that she had. What a relief it was! Else, I was quite prepared to give one helluva Pamper lecture to her myself.

Well, my cousin is smart. Without me having to tell her myself, she had already done the needful. So, while she is now playing holi outside with the whole extended family and neighbourhood, I’m baby-sitting her twins and writing this post. And thankfully, they are behaving like two little angels. While everything is wet during holi time, these two are enjoying a dry and happy time. They’ve not pestered me at all, so, if I don’t get a better job anytime soon, I may take to full time baby-sitting as a profession! Yeah, on one condition though. The baby I babysit, must have Pampers on! The only thing that keeps a baby truly happy is Pampers Baby Dry Pants :-)

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What makes your little one truly happy: dancing to his favourite song, playing with that one toy or just running after the neighbour’s cat? While there may be many things that enjoys doing, a full tummy and a dry diaper is probably what kick starts this happy mood. However most diapers only focus on being leak proof and ensure dryness on the outside. Only the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness for your baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that your baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. And a dry baby is a happy baby.
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