Annoyed, Tia looked at the watch again. She was all dressed up for their special anniversary dinner. But, he wasn’t home yet.

How could he forget such an important event, that too, when he had only asked her to be ready in the evening for a surprise!

Frustrated, she walked up and down, twitching her thumbs. And then, suddenly, the lights went out.

Strong arms grabbed her from behind, and hushed her before she could cry out; for her mouth was sealed ~ in a kiss.

It was him. His very presence erased out the agonizing pain she felt, just moments ago.

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  1. I hope that security is consistent..and nothing darker lingers behind him being late

  2. I'm sure that was scary for her but good thing it was him

  3. I have mixed feelings...

  4. That indeed is unexpected :D

  5. I like a happy ending - or is it?

  6. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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