As the chilly wind blew, Martha had a hunch that the glorious day was coming to an abrupt-end; she looked at others, who were enjoying their regular brunch.

“Comon Martha, party’s not started yet; hang on, and enjoy with us,” her friends asked her to stay on.

One look at the skies, and Martha felt uneasy; she urged the others to head home too, fast.

“Don’t be silly Martha,” came their stubborn reply instead.

Petite Martha, listened to her heart; but when from a little distance she looked back, she saw raging flames engulf her friends; the wind had turned ferocious.

This 5 sentence 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © David Stewart ) & lilliemcferrin
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  1. great story, you should always listen to your instincts

  2. Yes - sometimes we need to break away and follow our instincts and find our own paths...though I suspect that will raise some guilt for her

  3. Wow! Simply amazing combination of all prompts.

  4. Wow! Quick turn of events! Nicely done.
    Here is my story: http://mcguffysreader.blogspot.com/2015/03/engulfed.html

  5. Sometimes instincts work so perfectly. Btw, it should be 'hunch', if I am not mistaken.

  6. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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