A smile is perhaps the best cure to some of our biggest worries. And we smile the most, when we are happy. So, undoubtedly ‘happiness’ is what we all seek. Most of our life is spent in the pursuit of happiness. While some find happiness in luxury and expensive things they can afford, there are others who feel happy and content with smallest of things. Perhaps, I fall in the latter type of people. I don’t run or chase huge materialistic goals. And ever since, I’ve realized how temporary our lives really are – I am happy simply with the fact that I’m alive. Yes, it’s that simple. I feel so lucky, just to be around, in this world for this short while. I am happy simply gazing in wonder, at the amazing things that the ‘Creator’ has bestowed upon us.

I also find happiness when all those near and dear ones around me, are happy and smiling. Oh yes, my closest ones means the whole world to me. Seeing them around is so re-assuring and that definitely makes me feel most happiest. I remember when my little nephew was born, I felt as though I had given birth to him myself – I felt so much joy and happiness then. I saw him growing up from a little bundle, and seeing those tiny movements of his would make me ( and all of us ) so happy. And know what, he was happy to see the new world around him too, for he’d gurgle and giggle happily the whole time - filling our lives with so much more happiness.

Those who know me would know, how addicted I am to one particular ‘black’ soft-beverage, especially the ‘burp’ it gives. When it teases my parched lips slightly and trickles down my dry-throat in the fiercely hot summers, it gives me happiness beyond compare. It is my ultimate happiness-bottle. So, one day as usual, I was greedily gushing down the entire bottle by myself. From a corner of my eye, I saw my little nephew looking up at me curiously. My sister saw his gaping eyes too, so, in her newly-found motherly ways taught him proudly what the bottle was. “Coca-Cola, see your mousi ( aunty ) is having Coca-Cola”, she said.

His curiosity naturally grew more and the next instant he started throwing a fit. He wanted my bottle. Within moments, he was nearly jumping off her lap and trying to grab my bottle, uttering the words, “coca coca” ( he forgot the ‘cola’ part ). Those were few of the very first words, he ever uttered. “Coca coca... coca coca”, he kept yelling, almost demanding to hand over the bottle to him. He wasn’t even a year old then, so giving him any of the drink was out of question. But unable to control his hysteria, in order to stop him from crying out big-time, my sister suggested me to give a few drops of it in the bottle's plastic cap. Reluctantly, I poured out the bit, just enough to fill the cap and gave. I hate parting even with a single drop of my favourite beverage :|
The moment my tiny nephew sipped the black liquid from the bottle cap, he gave a very happy and satisfied grin. “Coca Coca,” he said again, this time happily; wanting more! Although, I was immensely happy, seeing him happy and calm down, I didn’t want to part anymore of my happiness-bottle and scooted off from the room. But whenever my nephew saw me next ( with or without my happiness-bottle ), he’d start doing a “coca coca”. The eager, expectant look on his face was quite something, it made me smile.
Ah, recollecting these memories of those happy days gone by, now that my little nephew is almost a teenager, surely makes me happy all over again :-)


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