Date : 15th Feb’15

Dear Diary,

I know you are waiting, pretty excitedly, to know what all happened yesterday i.e 14th Feb ~ Valentine’s Day. All these years, since my teenage years, you are the only one who has been privy to all my secrets ( even the embarrassing ones ). Only you know, who all I’ve secretly had crush on, the ones I sometimes dated and even those who I've broken up with. All your pages are filled with the history of my rather intriguing life. You know how many times I’ve recovered from heart-breaks, like no other. Last year around this time, you know how I was gushing to you so much about Vikky, the so-called current person in my life. Well, he is fine, and all was going good too, but many times I’ve felt that his love is so restrictive conditional that at times, I wondered if we are really made for each other. This time, near Valentines, everybody expected Vikky and me to go to the next level. But you know what; I decided to do something totally different. I decided to give my other crush a chance. I think, you know who it is ;-)

Well, if you remember, a few months back Asus came together with my favorite blogging community IB and held a contest – the prize of which was a stylish ZenFone. But to my disappointment, I didn’t win that contest. It broke my heart terribly and I had wet all your pages with tsunami of my tears. I had a huge crush on the device and wanted to own it so bad. Why? You may ask. Well, its features had bowled me totally and it is one of the best ones in the market. As I spend so much time online, it would’ve been my perfect life-partner, keeping me updated on-the-go. But alas…

Anyways, so this Valentine I decided to pamper myself and gift myself the ultimate Asus Zenfone. And boy! What a date it turned out to be – the perfect Valentine date ever ~ so much better than any guy I’ve ever known.

I know..I know you are eager to know the details. I won’t disappoint you. Infact, I’ll let you know how it proved to be a better date than a human. It does what all my other dates could never do. So, this is how our date started….


  • Its a Dashing Valentine - It looked hot and dashing. Sleek and smooth to hold, it is sturdy as well. First impression matters and 'looks' definitely does. The Asus Zenfone is always looking smart and ready to be held. I loved caressing its body on the first date itself. Now, can you imagine that with a human, that too on a first date? No right? It’d be too embarrassing ;-) I can carry it around so easily as well, in my purse and everywhere – even to the loo. Ah, can’t do that with a human date now, can I? And its screen is resistant to scratch or marks; thus, I can tap n tickle it as much as I want. It comes with chic accessories & a smashing case, that holds and protects, enhancing its looks further.

  • Its a full Performance, Powerful and Reliable Valentine – Well, a human date’s performance is so limited. After some time, he’d get tired and head home, leaving me high and dry. But, not with the Asus Zenfone. Its Intel Atom Processor doesn’t get tired so easily. Infact, its the perfect partner that keeps running non-stop; non-exhausted; loading webpages, games and apps so effortlessly. Now, can a human date do so much? I bet not. It multi-tasks perfectly without any compromises, just as I'd want my lover to be. And I can watch videos, browse websites or even work - all at the same time. It does what others can't do!
    Besides, a human date would be at times busy, stuck in traffic or simply not available when I need him the most. But Asus Zenfone, with its reliable long battery life is always there. I can talk and play with it as much as I want and for as long as I want. It feels what others can't feel!

  • Its a Complimenting Valentine - Oh! How I love getting compliments. But rarely do I receive a good one from a human date. Whereas, with Asus Zenfone, I'm showered with compliments all the time. How? Well, first of all its 6" HD display ensures me good visibility of all the games and graphics it keeps me engaged with. But that's not all, its 13 megapixel HD camera ( pixelmaster ) with high quality 5 formula optical lenses, captures amazing pictures with minutest details too. And self-obsessed that I am, how I love clicking selfies of myself. So, every selfie I click is like a compliment it pays, because they come out so neat, that looks almost professionally clicked. I can capture amazing videos too, any time I want. It sees what others can't see!

  • Its an Uncomplicated Valentine - Human relations are often so complicated. We turn simplest things to complex ones. With complicated thoughts and process that we apply often quite unnecessarily so, we just make a mess of our relationships with other humans...and that often leads to a break up. Whereas, with Asus Zenfone, its just the opposite. It infact, turns complexities into simplicity. With intelligence technology that it uses and the personal attitude it has, we don't have to wreck our heads in complex worries anymore. It allows us to enjoy life smoothly proving to be ever faithful lover.

  • Its a Two-in-one Versatile Valentine - Aha! I know what you're thinking. Well, lets face it. We as humans are not satisfied with just one, are we? We always want more and more. Asus proves to be perfect two-in-one valentine with its Dual SIM and Dual Standby. And one doesn't get jealous of the other, as it'd have happened with a human date. I'm clubbing some more features it has got proving its versatility, that had me drooling over this perfect Valentine date of mine. I simply love the amount of storage it allows me, along with its features like Maps/GPS etc that'll ensure that I'm never lost. So, neither are my precious images, apps or stuff I downloaded ever lost nor am I.

    So, dear diary....you know now why I'm so besotted with the Asus Zenfone and think it was my perfect Valentine date this year; so much better than a human date ~ who ever was or will ever be :-) Because, with Asus Zenfone it is truly #Unconditional Love!

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