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She was new in town; her school was new too, and very self-consciously she had first entered the premises knowing no one; only had heard of certain rumors flying about - the villainous one ~ who, she didn’t know nor she cared about, but was warned to be careful.

While others gossiped and played about, she stood alone awkward; being a stranger in town was tough especially when one was timid, got intimidated and could not easily socialize.

She sat uncomfortably in the cafeteria, that buzzed of activity, when suddenly she became conscious of someone watching her from one corner; intense gaze that almost touched her skin; yes, she felt it before she slowly glanced sideways to see who it was that affected her this way and then their eyes clashed.

Dark and brooding, he looked amazingly handsome that she was instantly attracted or was she hypnotized; for as he stood up to leave, she too stood and followed him ~ outside and then into the dark woods, barely aware of time anymore – she was drawn to him like a magnet.

And then, after walking a long way, he stopped suddenly deep in the jungles; turned and looked at her with a crooked grin; slowly flung his arms out towards her which had suddenly to her amazement started growing creepers, moss and branches that spread and spread till it covered his whole body and entire face, infact, the whole forest itself and she was swallowed in; thus, becoming another prey to the infamous one ~ the one she was warned about!

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  1. Very much enjoyed this. Love all the different kinds of fears

  2. Scary but beautiful ..!!

  3. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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