Am I happy, sad or what? Well, I am indifferent but still have a big smile on my face. I'm glad he has won. No, no...don't think that I'm an AAP supporter. Infact, though I had originally supported the India Against Corruption movement long back, I immediately stopped supporting, when Kejriwal declared he was entering politics. And since then, I've been a fierce critic of his - as I regard him as the biggest nautankibaaz ...a la Rakhi Sawant types. So, why am I happy that he won? Infact, not just simply 'won', but, its been a clean sweep vacumme cleaned victory. As someone rightly said - "Kejri ne dhokha de diya.. jhaadu bolke vacuum cleaner chala diya..."
67/70, what a victory man. Only 3 seats for BJP, who had become mighty arrogant & over-confident of late, especially, after Modi's victory and no sign of congress anywhere at all ( they got 0 ). Actually, I was initially glad at BJP's win too last year; I had lots of expectations from Modi - with all his promises ringing in my mind. But very soon, all I found was ~ them giving excuses after excuses and turning back on almost every promise they had made, prior to elections. And all the blind BJP bhakts annoyingly started behaving exactly as congressi sycophants used to. So, yes....I had a score to settle. And the Mufflar man did it for me \YAY/

Politics is really interesting. Especially, when one gets to see such amazing rise and falls. I came across someone's FB status and it made me LOL. It said, "Never attack any Individual so badly in Politics that it can sink ones ships wink emoticon; Maano ya na Maano! Congress came to Power after BJP Attacked Sonia gandhi too much.
BJP came to Power after Congress attacked Narendra modi too much.
AAP Came to power after both congress and bjp attacked Kejriwal too much.

Funny, but somewhere its true as well methinks. Anyways, I posted this status on a popular politics discussion group - "Even though I don't like AAP..I'm glad they won Delhi elections....because, after Modi's victory...bjps had become too arrogant and behaved exactly like congressis.... this is good thing about democracy...public teaches a good lesson. Modi still havent fulfilled the promises he made before election."

Within few minutes someone posted a long list as a response :

"Be ready for excuses from Mr. Kejriwal
1. Electricity: Central government is not giving us cheap electricity - blame BJP
2. Schools: Central government is not giving us land to make schools - blame BJP
3. WiFi: We are not getting security clearance to set up wifi - blame BJP
4. Women Security: Home guards are not enough to cover entire Delhi, we have asked center for help but center not helping - blame BJP
5. Water: we are not getting water from Haryana. We have complained but nothing happened - blame BJP
6. Jokepal: Delhi already has Lokayukta.. home ministry asking why two parallel laws are required - blame BJP
7. Jobs: We have asked center to extend their job schemes to Delhi but we are unable to get them to do so - blame BJP
8. VIP culture: home ministry had thrust house, car, Z grade security on to us what can we do, we have to accept - blame BJP
9. Price rise: price rise is subject to center policy and we can't do anything. Let's protest by Dharna - blame BJP
10. Crimes: Delhi police is not under state, so, AAP cannot do much about Crimes - blame BJP"

So. he was a BJP PR guy, I immediately realized. To that I replied, "Let him make excuses...atleast we know he is nautanki....not like Modi who promised tonnes of things but in the end he n bjpwalas too made excuses only."

Of course, a long debate is still continuing on that thread. Who knows Kejri might do all that mentioned on the list or may even sit on dharna after becoming CM ( he did all that earlier ). But that's not the point really. I don't support any party as such. But I was seriously hoping Modi will leave up to his promises. But, all he did was keep yapping on his 'man ki baat' and no real 'kaam ki baat' :x Atleast, he should've fulfilled the promises he made, that resulted in such thumping majority. And not just grow ( he, his party & supporters ) arrogant by the day. So, my grudge was that exactly. Anyways, public can bring down arrogancy any day - we've seen from this victory. Whether kejri too fools people in the end with unkept promises - I'm not bothered. Because, I know there's the public to teach a lesson in the end. So, Hail Democracy!!!! And lets sing aloud till then...

Mufflarman, Mufflarman Dilliwalon ka Mufflerman,
Free ka bijli, paani aur wi-fi denewala Mufflarman,
Look out, here comes the Mufflarman...

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