They said she was very docile, taking in her husband’s daily abuse. He’d inflict pain so deep, that the wounds scarred her from within, yet, on the outsides she smiled.
Was she tolerant, forgiving lady to take in so much hurt everyday?

Well, inside, she had a plan building. A plan, if executed well, would relieve her of her trauma forever. A plan, nobody would suspect her of doing.

That night she poisoned him. Victorious, she dragged the limp-body to the rail-way tracks, where a passing train shred his body into pieces. Not a whimper was heard. Finally, she was free!

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau )
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  1. Deliciously dark good story.

  2. Short and perfectly formed! And a very similar theme to my piece of prose this week. Great minds and all that!

  3. I hope she is truly..a powerful piece of flash

  4. revenge for survival!! good one :)

  5. Check mate!
    The way you started the story and the end (She -'Docile', then -' not a whimper')
    Thumbs Up!

  6. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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