What do you do when you eagerly wait for the grand World Cup, India vs Pak match, ( that comes once in four years ), with bowls of popcorn, wafers and tonnes of soft drinks to keep you company, and all other distractions carefully wrapped off – and then, when you are all set to enjoy the game, just a day earlier you get a frantic call from your friend with an urgent baby-sitting request. You want to pull all your hairs out, right? Well, that was just what I was very close to doing. I had everything set for the big game, and then I get such a request. Just to spoil my day! I wanted to refuse straightaway and make some excuse, WHY ME WHY ME! But then, I’m not too good at lying so I decided to tell her the truth.
I narrated to her, how I was really a miserable baby-sitter to my nephew in past, especially, when the baby decided to answer nature’s call every few minutes – yes, babies do that more often than us humans, even though they eat/drink much less than us. Or maybe, that’s just my opinion considering the helpless situation I was in.

“What diaper your cousin used?” my friend asked on phone. I named the one I remembered. My cousin-sister also used just clothes at times besides ordinary diapers, so you had to keep checking like a nervous wreck, and every time the baby decided to pee or poop, you had to clean up the mess like their slave :| Babies are cute, but their wet & stinky diapers? Aaarg….I didn’t want to go through all that again. Find someone else please, NOT ME NOT ME! I wanted to beg. Its for that very reason, I'm scared to have a baby myself, please understand.

“Thing is, your sister didn’t use Pampers Baby Dry Pants,” I heard my friend saying confidently from the other side, “Other diapers keep dry only on the outside, but Pampers keep baby dry on the inside too. Thus, it keeps the baby happy and its baby-sitter happier. And its just a one day event I have to be out for ND. I’ll be back even before you know it. I can’t leave my princess with my maid, you know it. And no ones at home too.” My friend needed me. And what is a friend for, if one is not there in their need, eh? Ah well…if my cricket match is getting spoiled, then so be it. This was one sacrifice I'd have to make in the name of friendship, I mentally prepared myself for the torturous next day.


So, early next day when the door bell rang, I knew who it was instantly. Giving a helpless shrug to myself, I went to open the door. Can't escape it now, I thought.
“You are such a darling ND. I’ll be forever indebted to you for this, I swear,” my friend blurted in excitement. “And baby Daisy will be like a proper well-behaved princess the whole day, I promise."
Just tell me the things that need to be done, I thought inside, feeling like a bakra going for halal; wishing, she’d tell those instead of praising her little princess. I gave a panicked look at the princess herself, who was all set to ruin my big day. Sigh!

“Don’t look so panicked ND," my friend said, as though hearing my thoughts. "Listen, I’ve already put a fresh diaper on. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just keep feeding her the things in the basket I’ve brought, every two hours. I won’t be late. But in case I am, and in case she does wet, don’t worry she won’t get cranky at all – because, Pampers Baby Dry Pants will keep her dry inside as well.” I just nodded silently, taking in the instructions. And soon she was gone, leaving the baby with me.

I kept baby Daisy's little portable cot with her in it, near my big sofa, and tried concentrating on the television screen. Oh what a day it’d be, I thought, scared she’d wail her lungs out any moment.
Well, seconds turned into nail-biting minutes that turned into hours; the match was getting to a frenzy point. To my surprise, little princess Daisy was smiling away through the game too – yes, she was watching it with me as well. As per her mother’s instruction, I kept feeding her the juice and milk, and little princess was enjoying every moment. Even if she did wet, she didn’t raise a storm – as her diapers kept her dry. Oh! What a relief it was.

When my friend returned in the evening, princess was fast asleep; even when the whole neighbourhood was bursting crackers at India’s victory. “See I told you, with Pampers Baby Dry Pants, she won’t bother you at all,” my friend said, “Pampers are a baby’s best friend. Its part of our daily Bedtime Ritual too, that gives us all including baby Daisy a peaceful, dry and happy night.”
Well, with Pampers Baby Dry Pants around, having a little princess of my own some day won't be such a terrifying thought after all, right? What say ;-)

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The fun bedtime rituals you share with your little one, and how they help give your baby a good night’s rest. Reading a story book, singing a lullaby or just putting your baby in the right diaper. These are just a few bedtime rituals that ensures that your baby sleeps peacefully and wakes up happy. While other diapers only focus on keeping dry on the outside, the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness on the inside too. Which means that your baby’s sleep will not be disturbed by a wet diaper.
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