Object of his desire was she, who, he was so obsessed with. Yet, the very thought of him sent a chill down her spine, making her shiver; and escape.

But as though her life was an entwined maze, before long, she’d again find herself confronting him. He never let her go out of his domain, possessed her ruthlessly.

He called it love, but it was no less a torture for her. Because, her true lover was whom she was cruely separated from, by this monster, in his urge to quench his lust! She hated him, but could do nothing except wilt slowly.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – Melanie Greenwood )
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  1. A well written story told in so few lines well done

  2. So sad. I hope she escapes his grasp! Nicely done.

  3. A too common situation movingly related. Excellent.

  4. Made me wonder how many married people feel like this? Eerie.

  5. torture for the poor girl, delight for him! Well written and well use of the prompt :)

  6. Anonymous00:17

    “He never her go” is missing ‘let’. (This is Friday Fictioneers.)

  7. Anonymous21:38

    So tragic!


  8. Anonymous18:25

    Dear Nandini, She's in a prison - with no hope. So very, very sad. Too bad her true love can't rescue her but I don't think her jailer would let her go. Creepy but really good story! Nan :)

  9. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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