“What are these?” Little Jimmy asked himself, hesitant to go into the shop. It smelt weird. He was content to play in the car itself, but this old store had piqued his interest. When his father went to the bank nearby, Jimmy stealthily crept nearer to have a closer look.

“Those are not for sale, young boy,” said a gruffy voice from behind, startling Jimmy, “These painted bones will evolve one day.” The man looked narrowly at Jimmy, “Why don’t you become part of my experiment too, I need fresh bones.”

The man didn’t look sober, Jimmy ran for his life.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford )
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  1. scary I guess he wished he'd waited in the car

  2. Anonymous20:25

    Oh, oh dear!

  3. Yes - I would be on my toes too! Great suspense and chilling...

  4. Anonymous15:30

    I like your story but Jimmy would have been better off staying in the car - unless his Dad is interested in weird stuff and would investigate the shop owner. Really clever! Nan :)

  5. I hope Jimmy runs quickly and doesn't look or go back!


  6. Definitely time to run. Great thrillerette.

  7. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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