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"Fashion changes, but Style endures." - Coco Chanel


Each of us is unique and we all have our own distinct sense of style. While we may follow fashion trends eagerly, there comes a time when we just know what suits us and what doesn't. What we feel comfortable or stylish in. Sometimes, some trend may be the 'in-thing', with everyone going for it, but somehow it doesn't attract some of us. We just don't want to be a herd follower, do we? Rather, we want to have our own style statement.

For me while choosing an outfit, 'comfort' is priority and then comes colours, fabric, design, fashion, style etc. But unfortunately, most online shopping sites that I frequent, hardly stocks my kinda thing. It can be frustrating, so I'm always on a look out for stores that'll atleast have something for me. By chance, I came across this interesting online shop - Trishala emart. Quite hesitant at first, I nevertheless decided to have a look at what they stock. Good thing is they are fully focused on apparels, so unlike other online stores that has limited stock ( due to mixed & very confusing categories ) - Trishala emart, on the other hand, has a quite a range. But I was curious, if they'd have my 'comfort' requirement, besides their claim to make one look stylish, attractive and trendy. Because, for me, Style primarily means comfort! I noticed, all outfits have different sizes available, so hassle-free that way - because, you know which size to order straightaway. Besides that, the Cash on Delivery option caught my eye too, among other options - ah, it seemed just my kinda thing afterall.

And as interesting as the site looked with so much variety, I decided to create my OWN style using products from Trishala emart! ❤ ❤ ❤

Neatly designed site with easy navigation of various categories - no chance of getting confused.


We wear formals mainly at work place or attending some social event/
meet etc. I don't like heavy formals like blazer/ties, instead, these breezy fashionable yet formal look is so me. I like simple motives in the garment and generally in darker shade ( in formals ). Trishala emart has quite an interesting collection of Tunics that are must in one's wardrobe.


T-shirt is just the thing that hangs on my skin most of the day; after work, on holidays or just like that on a normal day. I like normal to stylish ones, but comfort is a must. I like them easy fit, elegant, fun, chic, colourful that accentuate the feminine, sporty and fun-loving me. Trishala emart has an amazing collection here, I totally loved exploring it to fullest.


To go along with our Tunics, Tops & T-shirts, comfortable legging or pants are a must too. They can be in any colour - I like single shades preferably dark red, blue, grays. I liked the collection Trishala emart has ~ very me!


Festivals, marriages, functions etc - these are very important part of our lives. These keeps the society going. And these are the special occasions when I like to pamper myself a bit more as well. I like to be bit dramatic, so a bit of chamak-damak ( dazzle ) is important. But yes, in all these festivities, I like to be comfortable too. So, adding colourful drama while being comfy, cool haan ;-) This section of the website floored me totally.


Night time is my time. Its my private moment and I dress only and only for comfort. I like lazy, cute night-suits or free-flowing nighties. I write my blogs mostly at night, so I like cool comfortable fabric that doesn't suffocate me. And blue is mostly my favourite colour in nightwear :-)

So, you wanted to know what my own style is? There you have it - My Own Style!
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This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger activity by Women’s Web and Trishla emart | ( Images : Trishla emart )
Trishlaemart is a daily wear apparel shopping destination for those who seek to look stylish, attractive and trendy. Their range of apparels includes sleepwear, lingerie, ethnic wear, fashion wear, comfort wear and more from top Indian brands. Their aim is to provide the best online shopping experience to customers with delivery at your door step. Besides focusing on high quality apparel, Trishla emart offers shipping to many International destinations too. They have a separate mobile store and offer express delivery at select locations

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