Though the divorce was amicable, it had its wounds drawn deep.

Sia had never imagined such a day would ever come in her life. When the relationship she craved and cherished would become the most frivolous mistake she ever did.

Who would have thought the outer polished and high-class demeanor Rik portrayed was false. It was all made up, a fa├žade to woo her wealth, not Sia an heiress.

He was just an unrefined opportunist, she discovered, within first few days of wedding.

Taking steps not to be fooled, Sia smiled big when divorce came through. The pain remained…

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  1. So sorry that Sia had to go through much pain but maybe she'll find someone who will truly love her.

  2. The pain hopefully is short termed grief at a failed marriage, hopefully to be replaced by a a more rewarding life and relationship.

  3. Time is a great healer as I know so well.

  4. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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