He strummed the strings of his electric guitar, to check the setting of its tune before going on to stage. All seemed fine. The sound was perfect and he was all ready to rock the audience. The other sound-engineers and crew had already done a pretty good job, readying the entire event, that was set to be house-full.
Before stepping out, he fleetingly remembered her warning though, how he'd never make it big for dumping her to go ahead with his career and life. "Ah..fcuk her, that clinging bitch!" He thought, after all she too was only just using him for her own lust wasn't she?

She did, however, play an important role in his success till date, with all the contacts that she had ( being a performer herself since quite young ). However, their in-promptu passionate liaison was never meant to be a long-term commitment anyways, they had made it pretty clear in the beginning itself. It was more of a business arrangement, that somehow led them to humping on bed. But as time went, she started to grow more and more possessive; to the point being paranoid of losing him. Barring him from talking to any other female to keeping tabs on him 24x7, she behaved like a wild obsessed woman, that was slowly driving her sick.

Fed up, as he had enough of it, he ultimately had to get rid of her - or remain suffocated for life, in a relationship he was least bothered about - atleast until he spotted her. Yes, the pretty young dame who had been attending all his shows of late. Her beauty mesmerized him, and he looked forward to her presence every evening at the club, where he performed. Will she be here tonight too? He wondered, hoping to talk to her finally. If only that bitch kept away, he thought irritatedly, as he began walking from the green-room to the stage. The bitch was suspicious anyways, and she had enquired about that girl already. Why doesn't she just get lost and let him be, he was frustrated with his rather helpless situation. That bitch still kept track of him, his every move.

The walk to the stage was through a long dark corridor, and it was currently empty with all the crew busy, near stage. He held his guitar in his hand, trying to push away his thoughts from his unwanted past and tried thinking about the girl instead - was he falling in love with her? He'd surely want to see her again and maybe talk to her. He felt a kind of peaceful almost serene feeling, whenever he remembered her face - a feeling, he never experienced with others - certainly not with that bitch! Tonight, after the show, he'd definitely look out for her. As he took the next step, he suddenly felt a sharp jolt of pain as though a knife was stabbed at him. With blood spluttering the next instant, he knew what he feared was real. Unable to walk any further, he suddenly felt weak and collapsed on his feet. He was lying in a pool of blood, his own. His guitar too had fallen. "The show...," he remembered, trying to get up, but it was impossible. There was noone around to help him. "Oh God, help me stand up. The show.....," he tried to get up again.

"Hahahaha.." Suddenly, he heard a hysterical laughter. It was her, he knew instantly. From the shadows, she came forward; a savage grin was playing on her face and a knife clutched tightly in her hand. "There won't be anymore shows, you bastard," she spoke, a menacing look in her eyes; cold and brutal. "If you can't be mine, you can't be anyone else's too!" With that, she stabbed again, but this time the knife was pointed at her. And she collapsed in a heap on top of him, claiming him till eternity. It was the end.....

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  1. Ah love becomes difficult when obsession takes over.....

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    You have got talent.


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