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I want to remember the day
when we first met,
The day, my heart skipped a beat,
when our eyes clashed.
Shy and excited, life looked
all so rosy ahead,
I wanted to experience all the bliss
that it promised and held.
I want to remember, all our cozy times,
so much in love together,
The days and nights, we spent,
loving just one another.
Lost in our little heaven, nothing else
gave me such pleasure,
That of his breath, touch and kiss
on my body and all over.
I want to remember
all those happy days,
savour each moment because
they've been precious.

But there's a day,
I simply, don't want to remember,
The day he lied to me,
making my world shatter.
Broken promises and grief,
though, has made me strong,
His lies too in a way, has,
helped me move on.

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  1. Well presented the irony pretty well...


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