The chirpy-chatter of the birds she hears,
tells her another day is near,
The warmth that slowly caresses her,
tells her sun too has begun spreading cheer.
The smell of coffee that wafts in,
tells her breakfast is waiting,
The sound of water gushing too,
tells her to hurry, her bath and loo.
She goes outside, the cool breeze sweeps past,
Telling her stories of the day, so pleasant,
The fragrance of flowers that teases her,
intoxicating all her senses.
A butterfly then flutters, as it tries to balance,
telling her it wants sit on her closed lids,
A movement then, and in an instant,
on its journey, it proceeds.
She wonders at so much of love,
at every thing she hears, smells,
She sees not though, a single of those,
'cos, she sees not; she only feels.

This post is for Magpie Tales 255
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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Lovely- feeling is a wonderful way to see!

  2. Enjoyed your thoughts, well-expressed here.


  3. When I came to the end I had to go back & re-read it--you captured the morning so well in so many senses.

  4. I enjoyed every detail of your poem. Such a great poem , captivating and soulful. love it!


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