At the crux of life’s inter-junction; at that age of losing youth forever; in her desperation to experience the bliss of motherhood; she, a spinster – all of forty years went from sages, fakirs and all the holy men she could find, in the hopes of her only wish being fulfilled.

But a new life cannot be created merely through prayers or blessings; it needed the union of two bodies as well; which, for a virgin like her still a spinster was impossible unless she succumbed.

Having saved herself for her true love that till date had never come across, it was a sheer un-achievable wish she dreamt of fulfilling until…

Hesitantly, she had walked into the Ashram, one she had heard so many wild rumours about, but one who’s Guru had a swarm of devotees that swore by his name and believed him to be God himself ~ bearing testimonies of their wishes being fulfilled.

Would he fulfill her wish too; she knew the compromises ~ had heard those rumours all too often; but her desire of being a mother was now aching to be fulfilled, hence, she made the final offering ~ her body; she succumbed.

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  1. What desperation, a sad tale...

  2. The inevitable offering for an offspring!! Infact, many godmen do take advantage of such desires of devotees.

  3. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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