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2015! She stared at the new calender, she just hung on the wall. January, she looked at the month. It was the 2nd day of Jan, and night was approaching. Time had eaten away two days of the month, already! Oh! how fast it flies, she thought. It was just a few months ago, that she was struggling to get away from the ordeal she was in, hoping and wishing so fervently, that the year 2014 was completely erased from her mind or atleast it passed, taking away with it, all the pain it had inflicted on her. It was the worse year of her life. She didn't want to remember a shred of it. And now, the whole year was no more. As simple as that. She couldn't believe it, yet, it was true. And how subtly it all happened too. Two days back, it was replaced by 2015. The whole neighbourhood burst crackers, welcoming and enjoying the new year with full celebrations. She sat quietly in her flat, puffing one ciggy after another. She had nothing really to enjoy or look forward to. But the year had passed, and that was a huge relief for her.

She didn't want to remember, how during the same time, previous year ~ she was in his arms. They had just made love and she rolled over in the bed to its edges, to fetch her ciggy. "Comon baby, I'm not done yet," he drawled sexily, still half wrapped and his manhood throbbing under the blanket. He slowly touched her elbow and tugged her towards him, "I want you all over again sexy, like right now," he whispered huskily, his warm musky breath tingling at her senses.

"We have to talk before that," she said, trying to resist the temptation. She had tried to bring this topic up before him many times, but somehow they only ended up making love, and the topic was always abandoned in the heat of the moment. But that morning, she was determined to talk things out. It couldn't go on like that. She wanted a life-long commitment from him, and not just be his play-mate, as he seemed to consider her. "You had once said, you'd apply for divorce; what's the progress in that?" She just had to ask it.
Suddenly, he withdrew from her. She could almost feel the coldness around her; it was growing thicker with his silence, every passing minute. Why wouldn't he just answer? What was taking him so long? What was he contemplating upon? It was becoming very uneasy for her - this numbing silence. She couldn't wait forever for his reply. She just had to know where she stood in his life. "Well..?" She prompted, ready to face whatever his answer was. Any answer! It was the time for him to prove to her, that he loved her.

"Well...if you want to know," he began atlast, his voice grim, "that'll never happen. I'll never divorce her. If you want me as things stand, I'm here, else .....," he stopped, giving her a slanting look.
"Else, better end it for good!" She completed it for him. Yes, she realized it was the best thing to do. He never really loved her, she got the proof now. He had only used her. Well, she won't be used anymore, she decided. It was a painful thought, but, it just had to end. Without love, there was no point in going on.

"If that's what you want," he said simply, as he got up; pulled on his Jeans, flung his shirt over his shoulders and walked out of the door and her life --- never to be seen again. It was so simple for him to walk away, just like that. But she suffered through the entire year. Tears had dried up and she had no more of them left.

She looked at the calender again. Yes, it was 2015 for real, and the whole year had passed. It was finally time to forget it all; move on, to a new journey of life - a journey less painful. She stubbed the end of her ciggy in the ash-tray. Maybe, there was something to look forward to after all, a new beginning...

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