Fresh-Start’! She had marked the same, last year too; made resolutions plenty, promising to keep them all.

Flashed the same status everywhere, announcing from roof-tops – her prime resolution ~ to stop smoking and take care of her health.

The year slowly dragged, she huffed and puffed; ciggies and also life, resolution took a backseat.

“You’re smoking like a chimney; don’t look too well either - weak, dark-circles and coughing non-stop; whatever happened to that promise of yours to quit?” her friend was concerned.

Yes, she was unwell; cancer – her doctor had said; but, was it was too late to start afresh?

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  1. Cigarettes are the toughest to quit. People who have been able to kick heroin say that stopping smoking is even harder. I quit, but I can't look down my nose at people who aren't able to. Nicotine really is a hell of an addiction.

  2. Sometimes it's hard to give up any kind of addiction, I hope her cancer was caught early and she'll be okay. Nice story, sad though!

  3. Sad step father was given 3 months to live and continued smoking thinking it was too late anyway. I quit twice...10 yrs I up to 8 years and do not want to start again. Whenever I am tempted I think of how hard it was to quit.

  4. Even though we all know that cigarettes can be highly dangerous for our health, we still take our health for granted. Guess, its all about the effort one can put in to quit the habit. Nicely written.

  5. This so realistic ~ Well written! ~

  6. Beautiful. And should I say, real? Just how many times have we heard stories like this.

  7. Oh damn. Sometimes, I guess, it is too late.
    Loved it!

  8. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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